Vicious COVID-19

A blimey from a blue just the wake of dawn

A wildfire takes over the World from far Asia

Like a fire set in a sawmill with gasoline

Catching up the whole World like harmattan in the savanna

They call this fire corona virus,

the virus bleep like the sound of a horror movie

Putting fear in every human race

Causing a lockdown of most countries.

Conspiracy says, it is a plot to reduce human on earth

Historians say is an echo of past pandemics

Religious perspective says this is a sign of end time

How prepared are you? Lord Have Mercy

The world has gone bad with harsh economic tragedies

 for poor African countries that mostly lack

the financial muscle to tackle pandemics,

relying on financial bailout and support from the West.

This is a global war against humanity

We need a globally united Army to fight COVID-19

In this war everybody has a role to play whether rich or poor, old or young.

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