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The aim of this blog is to use poems  (written words) that expresses ideas or emotions of current happenings in a powerfully vivid and imaginative style to build a Community of Peace and Stability. Make time out of your busy schedules to read, like, drop a comment and share with your friends and family members. Time spent on this show is a time well spent.

Many thanks. Shalom.

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Dawn cast the dusk of the night The clock is like tick-tock as the heart beats lub-dub Assessing the volume of this pulse is an abnormal rhythm called tachycardia I pray we don’t get asystole … Peace is what we pray for The fight against war has started A rustle of the titans Erstwhile politics…

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Beneath the Mask

I wonder if you still smile with your mask on ………

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Lost in Paradise

An odd hour in the fulcrum of the city, not my usual time of visit All and sundry were in higgledy- piggledy With their own reasons of voyage … An old lanky white bearded strong but weak man in tattered clothes rocking in a chair like a Methuselah I imagined Beckoned, my lovely daughter come…

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