Dawn cast the dusk of the night The clock is like tick-tock as the heart beats lub-dub Assessing the volume of this pulse is an abnormal rhythm called tachycardia I pray we don’t get asystole … Peace is what we pray for The fight against war has started A rustle of the titans Erstwhile politicsContinue reading “Election”

Don’t Give Up

Life’s challenges are naturally inevitable in our daily activities  You maybe smacked from the left cheek when You are expecting right It may present you with stones when you need food. … You may be unemployed or lost your job You may have failed continuously your license exams You may repeatedly fail job interviews YourContinue reading “Don’t Give Up”

Joy comes in the Morning

The busy schedules of life Makes life a race of no relief The care and love for each other is awesome Like an Amor that blossom … In a wake of the dawn came Coronavirus Like cupid steals an innocent heart Making life’s hardship a quadruplets than before, STAY HOME and STAY SAFE are theContinue reading “Joy comes in the Morning”