Cartoons: Ballots not bullets – Orange County Register
Image from: ocregister.com

Dawn cast the dusk of the night

The clock is like tick-tock as the heart beats lub-dub

Assessing the volume of this pulse is an

abnormal rhythm called tachycardia

I pray we don’t get asystole

Peace is what we pray for

The fight against war has started

A rustle of the titans

Erstwhile politics used to be challenge of diverse ideas or thought

Now is reverse in Africa

Peace is what we pray for

Light up your lighters 

Brighter candles now, there is about to be darkness

There is no telling what happens next or who wins

Africa is bigger than these giants

The world en route to the equator,

the black shinning star of our origin

All political observers gaze at you

Come oh! youth of Ghana we are at it again, let peace prevail

Let peace be our anthem, there is no place like home

We entrust the defence of our territory into the guard of

our gallant soldiers with their powerful amours,

our internal peace to the peace makers and free and fair election

into the stewardship of the electoral commissioner

But not to intimidate citizenry

We need peace in Ghana

Ghana is all we have.

Peaceful election in Ghana - Photos | Facebook
Be an Ambassador of Peace (image from facebook.com)

Published by Monica Tiewul

Well articulated and inspired young vibrant person.

7 thoughts on “Election

    1. Wow, just wow!

      This is a very powerful piece Mikki.

      I love the poem but I have issues with the inconsistency in the flow due to the improper transitioning of some of the lines and the verses.

      Also, I realised a spacing error on the 2nd line of the first verse this ‘tick- tock’ instead of ‘tick-tock’.

      Regardless, this is a very beautiful and empowering piece. Thank you for inking this in the name of the peace we need to maintain in Ghana at times like this….peace✌

      Liked by 2 people

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