Lost in Paradise

Busy Street In Berlin Germany High-Res Stock Photo - Getty Images
People from all walks of life.……

An odd hour in the fulcrum of the city, not my usual time of visit

All and sundry were in higgledy- piggledy

With their own reasons of voyage

An old lanky white bearded strong but weak man in tattered clothes rocking in a chair like a Methuselah I imagined

Beckoned, my lovely daughter come over to me

With my backpack on, hurriedly I went

Keenly he asked, where are you going?

In a melancholy, I replied grandpa am lost

He shook his head and said I have been lost in this paradise too after taking over this chair from Adam

Man’s voyage distorted after Cain’s hatred for his brother, the pivot couldn’t hold any longer

Man has since wandered in a merry-go- round

Labouring for earthly things in the quest to survive

This journey is extremely cruel like the darkest suburb you ever feared as a child

But to perish is fear

Fear not, your fortress is the Lord and your radar to detect is your clean heart

You are a hunter on hunting expedition, expected to bring home good harvest

You require to get the best but embrace the worst and strive

We shall conquer and gallant triumphantly home.

Published by Monica Tiewul

Well articulated and inspired young vibrant person.

24 thoughts on “Lost in Paradise

  1. Yet another awesome chronicling of imaginative thoughts!

    I love the captivating skill displayed in producing the text! Well done, mother Superior

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Very communicative. I love your writings and how you talk not just to the heart but also across the mind. Keep on!!

    Liked by 1 person

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