A World of Diversity

In a world of black versus white it is only a little color that unifies us and this is diversity

Regardless of skin, black or white, Caucasian or European we all represent one human race

Every individual is unique and our ability to accommodate this personal uniqueness is our responsibility

We may differ in the language we speak, color of skin, where we come from, what we eat, the houses we live in, level of education.

We may have different beliefs, different religions but we speak one language of smile, one color of blood that flows in the veins

We eat, get satisfied, but different kinds of food

We live under different architecture base on our climate

You might be a Moslem, Traditionalists or Christian yet we believe in one judgment and Supreme being

These should give us a sense of oneness

Bild Verabschiedung Kiga
One human race on this wonderful and beautiful World

A sense of eternity after our journey on earth

Lets embrace and tolerate our differences and jubilate our similarities, we are one human race

Our strength to survive in our dreadful times is the differences we have and our weakness is our similarities.

Published by Monica Tiewul

Well articulated and inspired young vibrant person.

36 thoughts on “A World of Diversity

  1. A timely write up in such worrying times of racial discrimination. The World needs to heal and this will only happen as you said: by understanding it’s our responsibility to accept and embrace the uniqueness of people regardless of skin colour, origin or social status.

    Brilliant post Mikki. Everyone needs to read this! Cheers.

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    1. Wow, great one there, solidarity is required to overcome racism of all forms. thank you for the encouraging words and warm compliment. Am grateful you made time to read and comment on this crucial matter happening now.


  2. A pandemic like Covid19 is a clear example of oneness in human race. It doesn’t kill by colour or by race or by whatever we use in differentiating ourselves as humans. It kills humans and that’s it..

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  3. Great job, Mikki Superior!
    I admire your consistency in production and the level of thinking you invest in deciding and organizing each piece to fit significant daily issues.

    Keep the vim!

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    1. Danke, thank you for uplifting my energy in writing more, I really appreciate it. Great, you had time out of your busy schedules to always read and comment. Cheers.


  4. Well! I don’t see any change coming now with racism because is ingrained, until Blacks do OUR best also to project our race.

    We will do what we can Monic ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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