I Wish

Somedays I Wish I Could Go Back In Life Pictures, Photos, and ...
Enjoy every moment to the fullest

What are your wishes in life?

I wish life is so glamorous

I wish life is so easy like living as a child

Having nothing to think or worry about

Dream of my life

I wish never to forget to eat or drink water

I wish I keep on inspiring, motivating, puting smiles on many faces

I wish people love others just as they love themselves

I wish you to forgive always and keep your mind and soul in peace

I wish you to be yourself and donβ€˜t compare

How I wish happiness is forever and saddness never a word

How I wish there is no education of any sort, hahaha

How I wish death never existed but living on earth forever

Though these wishes are dry and might never be

Every moment is a wish to experience it and explore to the maximum

Situation are not Permanent, Keep on going

For Matthew 7:7 says β€œAsk, and it will be given to you;

Seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

The Lord knows the way, allow him to lead you

Wishes gives us joy, hope, love, sorrow, anticipation …….

Published by Monica Tiewul

Well articulated and inspired young vibrant person.

34 thoughts on “I Wish

  1. I love wishing, it ignites my spirit and move me into action. That is the chain, wishes without action are useless, it will lead to frustration and depression but wishes coupled with action produce fruits. May we all move beyond wishing and get into action

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  2. Wishes! wishes! wishes!
    How I wish you had lengthened the list of wishes further, but no, it’s only a wish!

    Nice piece, Mikki
    Thumbs up!

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  3. I do not wish there was no education… I love education

    But I wish I could unlearn some things in life like lies and stereotypes.

    Beautiful read.

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    1. Wishes never end, when l was a kid l wish l become an adult and now l Wish l was a kid again πŸ˜‚ πŸ₯°
      Thanks Soy for making time for reading and commenting πŸ‘


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