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Make good use of your time

Time is precious, though free,

A second is as worthy as an inch of your treasured mineral

No one controls how you expend it.

A time for entrance and a time to exit

As the sun or moon appears at different times of the day,

Every person has a time to shine.

Time is priceless but

The price could be the value of what you decide to spend it on

It leaves a shadow equal to what is used for.

The shadow of time is like a coin, either success or failure.

Success, if time is managed well against all odds

Failure, if lucky, may have a second chance regardless of how short.

Time is very slow, when we need it quick,

The hourglass is motionless yet,

It keeps its own time regardless of how fast you need it.

Time never, is busy, we only spend it with

what’s more important in our lives.

Time with things you value is quality time.

Patience is the ammunition to this war and your command is time.

Your enemies are the challenges to success.

Reassess your past and grind the obstacles

Time is uncontrollable, time is money, learn, master its use,

Invest in time and your result is value for life.

Time is stagnant for those waiting, long for those saddened, brief for those who are celebrating.


You are well appreciated

Mama  is a pageant in no contest,

My daddy’s loving wife

You left your beautiful home to make a home for us

You thought me how to love by giving me a kiss at birth

How to help others by feeding me with your breast

You forced me to learn to talk as I passed through your canal in labour

As a little one I once asked mum, are you a magician?

How do you make miracles out of nothing?

As Mama look at me with a smile, she said no I am not a magician,

 I am blessed by God with the hands of Midas

She makes hot plates out of little from the kitchen

She baths me so I could be wholesome and clean

A brighter day is born of a good night

You nurtured me to grow to be like you

You wipe my nose and tears

You  bring out my strength whenever am weak

Your love is unconditional and selfless

 You loved me even when you didn’t know me

You sheltered and fed me nine (9) months

with little food you couldn’t have shared

Like no other mummy, you are unique and special

You have sleepless nights to prepare me for the next day

You frown in my absence to put a smile in my face

You are the Venus that brightens my day.

Don’t Give Up

Life’s challenges are naturally inevitable in our daily activities 

You maybe smacked from the left cheek when

You are expecting right

It may present you with stones when you need food.

You may be unemployed or lost your job

You may have failed continuously your license exams

You may repeatedly fail job interviews

Your life is not over yet, stand up and keep trying.

You may ask yourself why me?

This may tame you down to a miserable and sad state

That’s the test of time, never give up

Life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forward.

Your tomorrow is greater than today but

Tomorrow depends on what you make of life today

Never get intimidated by any obstacle, strike hard

For every attainment in life you must breakthrough.

Your life is a question, how well you live it are the results

Keep enjoying life in your own way and stay humble

Believe in yourself, focus and get committed to what you like doing best.


Joy comes in the Morning

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Gazing from the window, hearing sounds of nature…

The busy schedules of life

Makes life a race of no relief

The care and love for each other is awesome

Like an Amor that blossom

In a wake of the dawn came Coronavirus

Like cupid steals an innocent heart

Making life’s hardship a quadruplets

than before, STAY HOME and STAY SAFE are the keywords

Amazing are the animals and nature outside

Gazing through the window everyday

The wish of moving out and making life great after lockdown is imaginable

How will life be without the animals and beautiful nature? Incredible

History repeats itself but with variations either good or bad

Beautiful and amazing memories are easily remembered

and pondered upon, but how often do we reflect on the bad

memories to put measures in place never to repeat them?

We still have hope; through hard works and discipline,

We will see happier and better financial days again.

In this pandemics, we all need the miracle of our prayers.


The cry of a survivor

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The change starts from you……

Working in a strange land for several years-

Hoping to return after retirement to motherland

Travelling back home was a dream come true

Hoping to meet old friends gracefully.

Quarantined in a hotel for 14 days

Treated like a foreigner in my homeland

Mere cold turned something else

Treatment in that square room was awful.

Food delivered to me like a prisoner-

Coming out of that room was a feel

of transiting from hell to paradise

Just like achieving your wildest dream.

To my surprise, I was rejected by close friends and some family

 members for fear of contracting the disease.

This misconception must be corrected

The psychological trauma is more than the medical complications.

Persons who recover from Covid-19 need collective

support and encouragement to integrate into the society.


It could be your mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son and even you.

Vicious COVID-19

A blimey from a blue just the wake of dawn

A wildfire takes over the World from far Asia

Like a fire set in a sawmill with gasoline

Catching up the whole World like harmattan in the savanna

They call this fire corona virus,

the virus bleep like the sound of a horror movie

Putting fear in every human race

Causing a lockdown of most countries.

Conspiracy says, it is a plot to reduce human on earth

Historians say is an echo of past pandemics

Religious perspective says this is a sign of end time

How prepared are you? Lord Have Mercy

The world has gone bad with harsh economic tragedies

 for poor African countries that mostly lack

the financial muscle to tackle pandemics,

relying on financial bailout and support from the West.

This is a global war against humanity

We need a globally united Army to fight COVID-19

In this war everybody has a role to play whether rich or poor, old or young.

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