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Dawn cast the dusk of the night

The clock is like tick-tock as the heart beats lub-dub

Assessing the volume of this pulse is an

abnormal rhythm called tachycardia

I pray we don’t get asystole

Peace is what we pray for

The fight against war has started

A rustle of the titans

Erstwhile politics used to be challenge of diverse ideas or thought

Now is reverse in Africa

Peace is what we pray for

Light up your lighters 

Brighter candles now, there is about to be darkness

There is no telling what happens next or who wins

Africa is bigger than these giants

The world en route to the equator,

the black shinning star of our origin

All political observers gaze at you

Come oh! youth of Ghana we are at it again, let peace prevail

Let peace be our anthem, there is no place like home

We entrust the defence of our territory into the guard of

our gallant soldiers with their powerful amours,

our internal peace to the peace makers and free and fair election

into the stewardship of the electoral commissioner

But not to intimidate citizenry

We need peace in Ghana

Ghana is all we have.

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Be an Ambassador of Peace (image from facebook.com)

Beneath the Mask

Keep young by smiling beneath the mask……..

Like time tells, I do wonder when I will once again see that smiling you

That amorous expression that makes me crave for numerous

Your Duchenne smile is a gesture that shares or donates pleasure, happiness and amusement

A smile starts on the lips spread to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly,

but a good laugh burst forth the soul and bubbles around

The world has experienced a rowdy scowl on its face

Your beautiful face now hidden from the world

The face of a depressed man all alone

I wear a mask to reduce the cold I feel in this Winter/Harmattan

I mask to protect me from this dreadful disease

Wonder if you still smile like before, that smile is now between your lips and the mask only

Beneath the mask hides a face exhausted of life challenges 

My mask keeps all insecurities concealed

The price of a frown is to age but to get young is shared happiness

Let’s keep smiling even beneath the Mask.

Lost in Paradise

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People from all walks of life.……

An odd hour in the fulcrum of the city, not my usual time of visit

All and sundry were in higgledy- piggledy

With their own reasons of voyage

An old lanky white bearded strong but weak man in tattered clothes rocking in a chair like a Methuselah I imagined

Beckoned, my lovely daughter come over to me

With my backpack on, hurriedly I went

Keenly he asked, where are you going?

In a melancholy, I replied grandpa am lost

He shook his head and said I have been lost in this paradise too after taking over this chair from Adam

Man’s voyage distorted after Cain’s hatred for his brother, the pivot couldn’t hold any longer

Man has since wandered in a merry-go- round

Labouring for earthly things in the quest to survive

This journey is extremely cruel like the darkest suburb you ever feared as a child

But to perish is fear

Fear not, your fortress is the Lord and your radar to detect is your clean heart

You are a hunter on hunting expedition, expected to bring home good harvest

You require to get the best but embrace the worst and strive

We shall conquer and gallant triumphantly home.

A World of Diversity

In a world of black versus white it is only a little color that unifies us and this is diversity

Regardless of skin, black or white, Caucasian or European we all represent one human race

Every individual is unique and our ability to accommodate this personal uniqueness is our responsibility

We may differ in the language we speak, color of skin, where we come from, what we eat, the houses we live in, level of education.

We may have different beliefs, different religions but we speak one language of smile, one color of blood that flows in the veins

We eat, get satisfied, but different kinds of food

We live under different architecture base on our climate

You might be a Moslem, Traditionalists or Christian yet we believe in one judgment and Supreme being

These should give us a sense of oneness

Bild Verabschiedung Kiga
One human race on this wonderful and beautiful World

A sense of eternity after our journey on earth

Lets embrace and tolerate our differences and jubilate our similarities, we are one human race

Our strength to survive in our dreadful times is the differences we have and our weakness is our similarities.

I Wish

Somedays I Wish I Could Go Back In Life Pictures, Photos, and ...
Enjoy every moment to the fullest

What are your wishes in life?

I wish life is so glamorous

I wish life is so easy like living as a child

Having nothing to think or worry about

Dream of my life

I wish never to forget to eat or drink water

I wish I keep on inspiring, motivating, puting smiles on many faces

I wish people love others just as they love themselves

I wish you to forgive always and keep your mind and soul in peace

I wish you to be yourself and don‘t compare

How I wish happiness is forever and saddness never a word

How I wish there is no education of any sort, hahaha

How I wish death never existed but living on earth forever

Though these wishes are dry and might never be

Every moment is a wish to experience it and explore to the maximum

Situation are not Permanent, Keep on going

For Matthew 7:7 says “Ask, and it will be given to you;

Seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

The Lord knows the way, allow him to lead you

Wishes gives us joy, hope, love, sorrow, anticipation …….


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Make good use of your time

Time is precious, though free,

A second is as worthy as an inch of your treasured mineral

No one controls how you expend it.

A time for entrance and a time to exit

As the sun or moon appears at different times of the day,

Every person has a time to shine.

Time is priceless but

The price could be the value of what you decide to spend it on

It leaves a shadow equal to what is used for.

The shadow of time is like a coin, either success or failure.

Success, if time is managed well against all odds

Failure, if lucky, may have a second chance regardless of how short.

Time is very slow, when we need it quick,

The hourglass is motionless yet,

It keeps its own time regardless of how fast you need it.

Time never, is busy, we only spend it with

what’s more important in our lives.

Time with things you value is quality time.

Patience is the ammunition to this war and your command is time.

Your enemies are the challenges to success.

Reassess your past and grind the obstacles

Time is uncontrollable, time is money, learn, master its use,

Invest in time and your result is value for life.

Time is stagnant for those waiting, long for those saddened, brief for those who are celebrating.


You are well appreciated

Mama  is a pageant in no contest,

My daddy’s loving wife

You left your beautiful home to make a home for us

You thought me how to love by giving me a kiss at birth

How to help others by feeding me with your breast

You forced me to learn to talk as I passed through your canal in labour

As a little one I once asked mum, are you a magician?

How do you make miracles out of nothing?

As Mama look at me with a smile, she said no I am not a magician,

 I am blessed by God with the hands of Midas

She makes hot plates out of little from the kitchen

She baths me so I could be wholesome and clean

A brighter day is born of a good night

You nurtured me to grow to be like you

You wipe my nose and tears

You  bring out my strength whenever am weak

Your love is unconditional and selfless

 You loved me even when you didn’t know me

You sheltered and fed me nine (9) months

with little food you couldn’t have shared

Like no other mummy, you are unique and special

You have sleepless nights to prepare me for the next day

You frown in my absence to put a smile in my face

You are the Venus that brightens my day.

Don’t Give Up

Life’s challenges are naturally inevitable in our daily activities 

You maybe smacked from the left cheek when

You are expecting right

It may present you with stones when you need food.

You may be unemployed or lost your job

You may have failed continuously your license exams

You may repeatedly fail job interviews

Your life is not over yet, stand up and keep trying.

You may ask yourself why me?

This may tame you down to a miserable and sad state

That’s the test of time, never give up

Life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forward.

Your tomorrow is greater than today but

Tomorrow depends on what you make of life today

Never get intimidated by any obstacle, strike hard

For every attainment in life you must breakthrough.

Your life is a question, how well you live it are the results

Keep enjoying life in your own way and stay humble

Believe in yourself, focus and get committed to what you like doing best.


Joy comes in the Morning

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Gazing from the window, hearing sounds of nature…

The busy schedules of life

Makes life a race of no relief

The care and love for each other is awesome

Like an Amor that blossom

In a wake of the dawn came Coronavirus

Like cupid steals an innocent heart

Making life’s hardship a quadruplets

than before, STAY HOME and STAY SAFE are the keywords

Amazing are the animals and nature outside

Gazing through the window everyday

The wish of moving out and making life great after lockdown is imaginable

How will life be without the animals and beautiful nature? Incredible

History repeats itself but with variations either good or bad

Beautiful and amazing memories are easily remembered

and pondered upon, but how often do we reflect on the bad

memories to put measures in place never to repeat them?

We still have hope; through hard works and discipline,

We will see happier and better financial days again.

In this pandemics, we all need the miracle of our prayers.


The cry of a survivor

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The change starts from you……

Working in a strange land for several years-

Hoping to return after retirement to motherland

Travelling back home was a dream come true

Hoping to meet old friends gracefully.

Quarantined in a hotel for 14 days

Treated like a foreigner in my homeland

Mere cold turned something else

Treatment in that square room was awful.

Food delivered to me like a prisoner-

Coming out of that room was a feel

of transiting from hell to paradise

Just like achieving your wildest dream.

To my surprise, I was rejected by close friends and some family

 members for fear of contracting the disease.

This misconception must be corrected

The psychological trauma is more than the medical complications.

Persons who recover from Covid-19 need collective

support and encouragement to integrate into the society.


It could be your mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son and even you.

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